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Aluminum Windows: What Is That

What Are Aluminum Windows?
Windows are called aluminum if the frame, or casing, is made of aluminum. These windows are very popular, especially for industrial and commercial buildings.
If large windows are the key element in the look of a building, windows made of aluminum may help to reach this aim. For the same reason, they are often used in skyscrapers and result in a marvelous window look. This metal is loved by many engineers and architects for its rigidity, durability, and versatility as a construction material. Also, it can be fabricated into any shape a project needs.
Aluminum Windows: What Is That

A Bit of History

Besides wood, it was one of the first materials used to create windows. It is generally thought that aluminum windows appeared in the 1970s. That is why most people are surprised to learn that they have been used in buildings since the 1930s. They became more widespread after World War II and surpassed steel window sales in no time.
Actually, this type of windows appeared in 1912 and was used in buses, railroad cars, and streetcars. But due to their low up-keep costs, weather tightness, great strength and beauty, they also came into extensive use in buildings.
Thanks to their durability and low cost, they rivaled the wood window industry by the 1970s, particularly in institutional and commercial construction. To top it all, manufacturers created aluminum windows that mimicked wooden ones. And over time they even took on their own design.

Advantages of Aluminum Windows

In the course of time windows made of aluminum neither got out of use, nor lost their popularity. Moreover, they improved a lot, became even more efficient and now offer a number of benefits.
These windows are extremely lightweight, non-rusting, and don't get corroded at all. This means that your windows will have longer life than, for example, those made of wood. Furthermore, they are way better in coping with noise pollution than the majority of other window types. They're widely used in schools because of their wonderful noise blocking capabilities. They are also excellent for sound-proofing if you don't want any sounds from your home to be heard outside.
Since aluminum is a good conductor of electricity and heat, it absorbs the cold air or heat, and thus prevents it from entering your house. Therefore, windows made of aluminum are energy-efficient and help reduce electricity bills. They are also cost-efficient because of their low maintenance. There is no need to repaint them, they are easy to clean and also available with tough baked-on or anodized finishes. They can withstand fire and extreme weather conditions, such as high humidity, earthquakes, or large temperature differences.
These windows come in a wide range of custom and pre-set designs and shapes and can be painted virtually any color. They can be made according to many architectural specifications and the client's specific requirements that plastic windows can't meet. Their frames are so slender, and narrow sight lines are able to maximize view.
Aluminum windows not only give a very sleek, unbroken look, but also have an active role in ecological environment preservation. Aluminum belongs to the most recycled materials on the planet and can be reused over and over again. All this makes it one of the best materials ever.