Repainting Aluminum, How to Do-

How to Repaint Aluminum: Homeowners Guide

If you’re facing a problem of restoring the previous shiny look of old or rusted (due to the oxidation effects) steel or aluminum objects (furnishings, aluminum siding, metal roofing, manufacturing equipment etc.) without replacing them, there’s nothing as useful as aluminum paint.

Generally, aluminum paint is a durable and long-lasting coating material, which is used to paint (rolling, brushing or spraying onto the surface) a variety of materials, like wood, metals, or masonry. The paint itself is a combination of a resin base (gives the paint durability) filled with solid aluminum flakes (gives the paint a metallic shiny (silvery) finish), and it can applied over both new and previously painted objects (both outdoors and indoors).

Despite the paint being highly resistant to corrosion and rust, aluminum’s painted finish can become faded by time and elements. For example, your house’s siding paint can start to chalk in due course, which is mainly the result of oxidation. This causes the need to freshen your house’s look, which can be done in two possible ways: either completely replacing the siding or repainting it. If you choose the latter cheaper variant (repainting), you need to know how to repaint aluminum without professional assistance.



How to Repaint Aluminum: Step-by-Step Procedure

Repainting aluminum is not as difficult as one may consider, and even most homeowners can easily cope with this task. Everything you need to know about how to repaint aluminum is that it’s a sequence of steps, which must be followed from the basics. Let’s take for example the house’s siding.

  1. Check for Aluminum
  • Use a magnet to determine whether your siding is aluminum (doesn’t stick) or galvanized steel (does stick). If it’s steel, use only latex-based paint, but not oil-based.
  1. Prepare the Siding
  • Thoroughly clean the surface (use either a nylon scrubbing pad attached to the sander with detergent sprayed on or a power washer with aluminum cleaning solution) to remove any stuck dirt, lichen, rust, algae, grease etc. Don’t forget to rinse off the solution.
  • In case of aluminum surface oxidation (exposed bare material), remove it with a non-metallic scouring pad. Rinse the surface to remove any remaining residue.
  • Primer coat the surface (if it’s in chalking or peeling) in order to prepare it for painting.
  • Sand the surface with 150 grit sandpaper (helps the paint better to adhere to the surface).
  1. Repaint Aluminum Siding
  • Use can either spray (airless spray painter), roll (roller with an extension), or brush (wide paintbrush) the acrylic latex paint.
  • Cover exposed areas (doors, windows, frames) with painter's tape and plastic.
  • Start repainting at the top and let the first coat dry overnight and then start applying the second one.
  • When finished, clean the spray painter, rush, or roller.


Now you see that how-to-repaint-aluminum question has a simple and affordable solution, which doesn’t necessarily need a professional assistance.


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    Maybe u know, where usually i can buy good color for aluminium? And what kind of color i'm should use?