Repainting Aluminum, How to Do-

Repainting Aluminum Boat: How to Make Its Appearance Better Again in 5 Simple Steps

Probably you are thinking about selling your aluminum boat that needs some redecoration, or perhaps you simply want to try to improve its appearance – repainting aluminum boat will be the best solution for you.


In fact, a process of repainting aluminum boat is not considered to be one of the most difficult painting processes, but there are a few simple details that should be taken into consideration to make this process fast and easy. Remember, the painting should be carried out in an open air or in an area that is well ventilated. Furthermore, you should select the right type of the paint and prepare the boat’s surface properly. Having the right tools plays a very important role as well, as your job will go smoother. Here are 5 simple steps that will help you to make your boat’s appearance better and get it back in the water.



Step-by-Step Instruction on Repainting Aluminum Boat


Repainting Aluminum Boat: How to Make Its Appearance Better Again in 5 Simple Steps1. Prepare your boat for painting

First of all, you should prepare the surface of your boat for painting. Inspect your boat: this includes inspecting the hull whether any signs of rust or other damages are present and mounting your boat on two sawhorses. If you have noticed some damages, repair them before you continue the process of preparation. In case the boat cannot be repaired completely, there is no reason to paint it.


2. Sand down the surface

The next one step plays a very important role as well. You have to sand down the surface of your boat in order to create a smooth surface for painting. If you failure to make the boat’s surface smooth, it will be difficult to paint it perfectly. In case you remove all rough areas and sand down all old paint, you will be able to make it faster and easier for the new paint to look smooth.


Take a dry chamois cloth and wipe down all areas that were sanded down. Make sure the whole surface is wiped properly.


3. Choose the paint for your aluminum boat

Try to buy one that is specially manufactured for use with metal surfaces. It will be better if you purchase a paint that is formulated for aluminum. This paint will adhere more easily and last longer than any other paint for metal. And last, but not the least thing is that the paint should be specially formulated for painting small boats.


4. Apply undercoat of paint

When the boat’s surface is ready, don’t forget to apply the undercoat of paint. Make sure to wear a facemask and goggles in order to protect yourself and avoid inhaling paint fumes. Don’t forget about this precaution even if you are painting your aluminum boat in an open air.


5. Paint the boat

When everything is ready, you can paint your aluminum boat. In fact, even one coat of the paint will give excellent result, even if the color of the old paint and new paint are different. Wait until the coat of the paint dry and then check the surface for any touchups that should be done.


A process of repainting aluminum boat is a little bit difficult process that requires your effort, desire and, of course, your skills. Most people don’t do it by themselves and ask for help special painting companies. But why should you spend your money? You can do it by yourself, just follow the above tips and your boat will look as a new one.  


  • C J(2015-08-21)

    What retard wrote this article?
    How to paint boat:
    1. buy paint
    2. clean boat
    3. paint boat
    4. learn English
    waste of valuable internet space

  • don lumbert(2015-05-04)

    i have a 2006 smoker craft needs to be repainted can i use oil base paint over hat is on there now?????