Repainting Aluminum, How to Do-

Repainting Aluminum Siding: 5 Useful Tips on How to Do It Correctly

In length of time a painted finish of the aluminum can fade. But don’t worry, everything is not as bad as you may think. You just need a little of time and desire to detect the oxidation of the old paint and remove it. A process of repainting aluminum siding can not only freshen the look of your house, but also save your expenses of a complete replacement.


Repainting of the old aluminum siding will cost you less than its replacing. In fact, this process is very straightforward, as you don’t need to spend time for preparation and painting. Moreover, most homeowners can repaint aluminum siding by themselves, without professional assistance. 




5 Useful Tips on How to Repaint Your Aluminum Siding by Yourself


Repainting Aluminum Siding: 5 Useful Tips on How to Do It Correctly

Prepare the surface for the repainting

First of all, before repainting aluminum siding you should remove all mildew that may appear on the siding. It is recommended to prepare a special mixture of three parts of water and one part of the household bleach. Then apply this mixture on the affected area, leave it for 20 minutes and scrub off. If this procedure doesn’t give a positive result, repeat it one more time.


Clean the surface

Clean the surface of the siding of grime and dirt using warm water and plain soap or you may also use power-washing equipment. Don’t forget about a good rinsing. Both methods will give a good result, but the second one is more effective, as it saves a lot of time and your effort.


Remove oxidation

If you have noticed any powdery material where bare metal is exposed, try to remove it carefully, as it is a sign of the oxidation. Scouring pad will be the best remedy for that (if you use steel wool, it can cover your siding with scratches). After you remove the oxidation, rinse the siding surface again in order to remove any residue that may be still present on the surface.


It is very important to apply a high quality exterior latex on all areas where the bare metal is exposed before refreshing the look of the siding.


Repaint your aluminum siding

Finally now you can begin repainting aluminum siding using high quality acrylic latex exterior paint. It is recommend to use this type of paint, as it is characterized as one that has excellent resistance to fading and exceptional adhesion. It can also serve as a thick paint film that duplicates the original profile of your siding, whether it is textured or smooth.


Use appropriate equipment

Repainting aluminum siding use only that equipment you know how to use. So, if you have never used a paint sprayer or an airless sprayer before, don’t do it now. It will be better to use a foam hand roller in order to secure a smooth finish.


So, if you are tired of your aluminum’s siding color, there are ways how to improve this situation: you can tear your aluminum siding off and replace it, or you may just repaint it. For many people, it is an affordable way to refresh the color of your aluminum siding and save money. Just try it and the result will really surprise you.